Big news!

It’s not one, but three $125,000 donations that will be given.

Congratulations to our 3 big winners.

Given the enormous interest shown by the organizations and the general public, iA Financial Group has decided to offer three major donations of $125,000. The three following organizations will be able to carry out their projects.

Bullying Ends Here


Bullying Ends Here Literature Initiative

Bullying Ends Here is going to work on additional resources that will be geared to both parents and teachers. Across Canada, there are many anti-bullying programs, but none of these have the reach and results that we do. Our program has been presented in every province, in fact in over 1,500 schools across the country. We are now being requested around the world, in the United Kingdom, Europe, and as far as Kuwait. The reach we have within schools, and through our media, is immeasurable. We will consult with some of Canada’s leading experts in bullying to create and educate the very same individuals that our youth turn to.

Bullying Ends Here will create information packages for parents and also one for teachers. This information will include items such as “what to look for when it comes to bullying,” “what to do if a youth turns to you,” and “moving forward.”

With the growing number of youth across the country being subjected to CyberBullying and online torment, we believe it is the critical time to educate the adults in our children’s lives so that they are best suited for dealing with this new realm of bullying.

Bullying Ends Here is devoted to our crusade against the senseless act of bullying and cruelty that our young people face, and we are committed to our mission of not simply changing lives, but SAVING them! We do this through gimmick-free presentations to schools across the country. We reach close to 100,000 youth a year and have no desire to slow down!

Organization mission

Look Good Feel Better


Women with Cancer Coping with Hair Loss

Have you ever had a bad hair day?! Imagine the more than 103,000 women and teens in Canada who are diagnosed with cancer every year, and those living with cancer?

A person’s identity and appearance are strongly linked. Hair is passionately tied to the way a person feels about themselves. Research indicates - often the first thing a woman asks her doctor is will I lose my hair? It is often a devastating implication of cancer treatment and the most visible external sign of sickness.

A program dealing specifically with the effects of cancer treatment on hair and scalp is urgently needed. The 1,300 LGFB yearly workshops are best positioned to do just that - provide important tools on managing hair loss. This program will educate and advise women: what to expect, do, and ask for.

Hair stylists across Canada will be trained and certified through this program and participants will find them through LGFB's website.

LGFB workshops empower Canadian women and teens to feel like themselves again. Surely one day we will find a cure, but until then, we continue to face the injustices of cancer. We need more support now. Act and vote for LGFB.

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is Canada’s only charitable cancer program dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and its treatment have on their appearance. LGFB offers a workshop for women and teen girls with cancer in both English and French. At the workshops, women with cancer learn about cosmetic hygiene, skin care, hair loss, as well as hair alternatives including information on wigs.

The workshop is currently offered in 113 cancer care facilities and hospitals across Canada - creating an environment, building community and camaraderie, among survivors knowing they are not alone in such challenging times.

Organization mission

Le Diplôme avant la Médaille


Diplomas before medals: a shining light

After DAM’s success at Vanier, the principal of J.-F.-Perrault high school approached us to become a partner. We will be helping some 25 students at the school this year. Rolling out the program at a new school comes with a number of expenses and challenges, and we are currently unable to offer the service to all of the sports teams at the school.

With your help, we would like to increase the number of students to 135 over the next three years. These 135 new students will have access to trained coaches that will focus not only on athletics, but also their academic performance. Numerous volunteer tutors will be on hand to provide personalized assistance to those having the most difficulties. And this assistance will help these students learn to believe in themselves.

iA Financial Group’s support and cooperation would be an invaluable asset for us, because being able to fully roll out our program would serve as a concrete example of what we can accomplish and a model for other schools that stand to benefit from our services. As the only organization to offer a sports-based program to help at-risk students stay in school, we are determined to help other schools take advantage of our program.

Our mission is to use sports as a tool to help students at high risk of dropping out to stay in—and succeed—in school. We focus on sports and personal fulfillment as a way to keep students in school because we are convinced that all young people have the ability and the right to enjoy a better future. We bear out our vision by promoting the following four values: passion, perseverance, cooperation, and pride.

Organization mission

These 7 organizations will each receive a donation of $12,500

The vote was close. We congratulate all of these organizations and thank them for their participation and the quality of their projects. We wish them all the best going forward.

Victory Neighbourhood Services Inc.

Project: Youth Opportunity Program

This grant will give us the opportunity to extend our program to further outreach more youth in the Durham Region.

From this initiative, programs such as our annual summer basketball camp can be held all year long. Currently programs that are on hold, such as our Victory Summer Camp, would be reinitiated into the yearly program agenda. Our upcoming programs, such as the Victory Youth Program that will give youth the opportunity to learn basic cooking skills, have assistance completing their homework, and give resume and interview workshops, will sprout from this opportunity. This new program will give youth the opportunities they need to gain in-depth coverage of the skill sets needed for today’s working environment.

Free Spirit Therapeutic Riding Association

Project: Freedom to Grow

The Free Spirit Therapeutic Riding Association believes that everyone should have the freedom to access programs that maximize their potential in a rural community setting. FSTRA services the following populations: individuals of all ages (3+) who present with exceptionalities or mental health concerns, school groups, veterans, or individuals with mobility issues.

Our program has grown exponentially throughout the past five years; however, for this growth to continue we need your help.

Building an indoor riding arena will allow our program to run full time, year round. This space will eliminate wait lists and will allow our program to grow. With more space, our program will be sustainable, and costs to families will decrease. In addition to our therapeutic riding program, FSTRA will host the only hippotherapy program in the Atlantic Provinces. FSTRA will provide more resources to families and individuals who present with mental health concerns through Equine Assisted Learning and other therapeutic opportunities. Our experience so far has created community engagement, cross-generational and peer relationships, social engagement, youth/peer mentorships, physical literacy skills, and increased self-confidence.

This expansion of our program will allow our community to grow stronger.

Distress Centre Calgary

Project: Creating Space for Crisis

The “Creating Space for Crisis” project will support Distress Centre Calgary in meeting the emerging and growing needs of crisis support in our community. At present Distress Centre Calgary has reached physical contact centre capacity space where more than 110,000 contacts for crisis were responded to last year. These contact numbers are steadily increasing each year, but we require additional space capacity for our most valuable human resources, our crisis volunteers. In addition, Distress Centre Calgary will be one of the pilot sites for the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service, which will expand the reach of crisis response beyond our local context in supporting those at risk of suicide nationally.

Redesigning the layout of our crisis contact centre will provide additional volunteer stations and will allow a space to create adaptability to meet the ever-changing needs of our community and crisis response.

YWCA Metro Vancouver

Project: YWCA Welcome to My life Youth Program

Welcome to My Life (WTML) connects girls to positive role models so they can build confidence within the classroom and beyond. A team of intergenerational mentors facilitates each program, sharing stories, personal experiences, and advice to inspire and encourage participants to treat each other with respect and become engaged in social and community issues.

Welcome to My Life’s overarching goal is to provide Grade 7 students with the knowledge and support they need to develop into resilient, confident, and socially responsible youth who are empowered to make positive choices and less likely to engage in risky behaviours. The nine-week program encourages girls to take responsibility for their social and emotional health so they can lead positive, balanced lifestyles. Through activities, group discussion, personal reflection, and a community service project in partnership with our companion boys’ program (Boys 4 Real), students explore a range of topics, from self-esteem and peer pressure to Internet safety and technology use.

Each program cycle ends by bringing girls and boys together to work on a Community Service Learning project, which gives participants the opportunity to practice their skills while giving back to their local community.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

Project: JDRF Community Engagement Program

JDRF’s Community Engagement Program delivers support and knowledge to help individuals diagnosed and living with type 1 diabetes (T1D), a chronic debilitating autoimmune disease that brings countless daily challenges, constant monitoring of every meal and physical activity, life-long dependence on injected or pumped insulin, and the threat of devastating complications. This program is designed to ensure that families with T1D have the resources they need to make healthy choices regarding diabetes management to ensure they can maintain the greatest quality of life possible while knowing that they do not have to face this disease alone.

JDRF’s Community Engagement program encompasses the Bag of Hope, Family Mentoring, and the Youth Ambassador Program. Working within local communities across Canada, JDRF connects newly diagnosed families with the resources they’ll need to manage this disease as they learn to cope with their devastating diagnosis. It provides one-on-one support from other families who have lived through the challenges of life with T1D and the encouragement and confidence to advocate for themselves while inspiring their communities to rally support for research to find a cure for this debilitating, life-long disease.

Laura Lémerveil

Project: I learn, I achieve!t

At the age of 21, young people with multiple disabilities face a serious lack of services in our society. Since 2013 Laura Lémerveil has provided a service delivery model adapted to their needs. Drawing on its four years of experience, in 2018 the organization will roll out its new “Je m’émerveille, j’apprends et je m’accomplis” program.

It will feature an inspiring social and educational model that focuses on three areas:

  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Sensory and motor stimulation
  • Recreation and personal fulfillment

This program will help young people pursue their academic and personal goals. Differentiated instruction will allow each young person to develop and increase their ability to learn while maintaining a balanced life. The invigorating and stimulating learning workshops will give every youth the chance to experience their independence to the fullest so that one day they can contribute to their community as full-fledged citizens.

The innovative new social model is the first of its kind in Quebec and has attracted the interest of many Canadian and European researchers.

Baluchon Alzheimer

Project: SoliDarity not SoliTary

For almost 20 years we have been helping caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s and related diseases in Quebec. We have the motivation and drive to expand our innovative and distinctive respite services to other Canadian provinces.

Access to care in French remains a sizeable challenge for francophone communities in Western Canada. The fact that so many of these communities are rural makes the situation that much more challenging. Moreover, Saskatchewan and other Western provinces are promoting the idea of “aging in place,” but the truth is there is a shortage of in-home care and no real support to help ease the burden of family caregivers.

Five years ago, Fédération des aînés Fransaskois, a group dedicated to francophone seniors in Saskatchewan, identified the need to provide respite to family caregivers as a priority. This takes creativity and innovation, and projects like the one we are proposing will be welcomed by community and government stakeholders and partners.

Our goal is to work in partnership with Fédération des aînés Fransaskois to serve the four main francophone communities in Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta).