The iA Squad
rewarded 1,000 people
for doing good deeds!

See the Squad at work

x $125

Throughout Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, iA Financial Group gave away $125,000 in cash. Our squad was on the lookout and surprised 1,000 people by giving them $125.

Thank you and congratulations to everyone for your good deeds! You are making a difference in people’s lives!

The iA Squad on the road

Summary video

Across Canada

We witnessed Canadians performing random acts of kindness. Take a look!

Week 3


This week, the iA Squad was witness to a range of emotions on the busy streets of Toronto.

Week 2


Despite snow and rain in Vancouver, the iA Squad was still able to put a smile on the faces of many. Check it out!

Week 1

Quebec City

Despite freezing cold temperatures, see how Quebec City residents perform good deeds…